Care Advice Instructions

* Please read our care instructions before using your new garment and/or headpiece.


  • Gently hand wash with cool water and mild soap (below 15°C) (Avoid hot water)
  • Air Dry on a hanger or a washing line
  • Keep garment hung when not in use
  • Regularly fluff the tutu to maintain shape


  • Rub glitter detail when cleaning
  • Tumble dry
  • Machine wash
  • Iron

2 Year Guarantee – Normal Use Policy

All of our garments and/or headpieces come with a 2 Year Guarantee. This guarantee is based on normal use. Be advised: all of our garments and/or headpieces are special occasion items. Therefore, they are handmade to be worn as such and are not to be used as everyday wear. We define ‘normal use’ as no more than once a week, to ensure longevity. Also, in combination and adherence with, the above ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ maintenance care instructions.

Safety Notice

Our garments and headpieces are handmade to the highest quality. Every effort is made to ensure that all detail parts are fixed securely. Details parts include such things as; gems, buttons, extra fabric detail and other intricacies, that are not usually part of the main body of the garment and/or headpiece. We preferably attach detail parts with non-toxic glue and/or strong cotton stitching. However, detailed parts can come loose over time. Therefore, please regularly check your garment, before the garment is worn by your child and ensure that all detailed parts are fully secure. Younger children between 0-3 years old, should always be supervised whilst wearing their garments and/or headpieces. Furthermore, please do not allow your children to wear their garment and/or headpiece whilst situated in a cot, swinger, bouncers or any other device. Our garments and/or headpieces are not suitable for nightwear and therefore, must not be worn whilst children sleep at night or in the day.